I've said it before and now I am saying it again -- I love your product!! I sampled it at the HBA Show and that's when I fell in love with it. It's very moisturizing but not heavy or greasy, and I love the geranium scent too. You have developed a wonderful product.
—Samantha A., South Carolina

As a New York State licensed esthetician, I am happy to have found this product. It is loaded with organic olive oil and pure essential oils that are effective. I feel good applying O.N.E. to my skin knowing that my body is not absorbing any harmful chemicals, preservatives or fragrances. It leaves my skin feeling nourished, smooth and hydrated throughout the day. I recommend it to all of my clients!
—Diane G.

Throughout my life I have used multiple products, many at the same time, to try to eliminate dry, tired looking skin. I recently started to use the "ONE" product and experienced overwhelming results. My skin now looks youthful, the lines are softer, and there is a radiance that I had never experienced before. I have recommended this product to friends with their skin problems and they are equally pleased with their results. How convenient it is to have "ONE" product on my dressing table ,as well as when traveling ,that does such a wonderful thing to my face and body . This is truly a wonderful product.
—Maxine S.

I'm a 23 year old with combination skin. As a teenager I purchased all the "oil-free" products that were supposed to make my skin smooth and breakout free. Some of them worked but most left my sensitive skin very dry and uncomfortable. Still, I was sold on the idea that "oil=acne". So when I received a bottle of O.N.E. I was a little skeptical about putting it on my face. I tried it out on my body first. It quickly replaced my regular body lotion as my moisturizer of choice after a shower. I can't believe how long my skin stays supple and soft! Where a lotion wears off and needs to be reapplied in a couple of hours, O.N.E. literally seals in the moisture leaving my skin glowing all day. Satisfied that this product is true to all that it claims, I finally decided to try it on my face too. I put it on before bed and woke up the next day from the first real "beauty sleep" I've had in ages! My skin feels toned and buttery soft and no blemishes in sight! This product is the O.N.E. for me!
—Greta Gosch, NY

Appearances mean everything, especially in my career field. I'm a personal trainer and I own my own gym. With my profession it's always important to look and feel your best. With this product I am able to always have fresh, clean, and vibrant skin. I have used almost every single product known to mankind, and I can say that without a doubt this is the best one I have ever used. From the time I began using it I noticed a dramatic difference in my skin. It made my skin feel soft, moisturized, and smooth. People always stop me either at work or on the streets complimenting my skin and wanting to know my secret. A great thing about this product is that it is so versatile. I'm able to use it as makeup remover, moisturizer and cream. Not only is this product the answer to my skin care needs, but it has also saved me so much money. I used to spend hundreds of dollars on skin care products that never worked. Now I am happy to say that I am able to save money and receive the quality I've always wanted.
—Katherine Pius, Personal Trainer

Growing up, my mom Leni Goldsmith creator of O.N.E.- constantly would give me beauty products to try. Creams, lotions, sprays — she was forever in search of the perfect product, one that actually would do what it claimed to do. Product after product, she (we) were never satisfied.

Two summers ago in her kitchen, Leni created this terrific oil which, once again, we all had to try. When family and friends started asking for refills, she knew she had found "it" — the ultimate solution.

O.N.E. is a total-body product. It does what it claims: head-to-toe moisture. I love how my skin and my hair feel after using this magical product. I even have new-found space in my bathroom! O.N.E. is the only product I use.
—Thanks Mom — OXOX

I am a 63 yr old woman. I have lived in L.V. for 20 yrs & my skin is extremely dry. I have tried many products for body, face, neck, & scalp. Some of which are extremely expensive. None of them have been as effective as O.N.E. It's the first time that I have been able to go 24 hrs after a shower, without flaking or itching.It's truly one stop shopping.
—Marjorie, Las Vegas, NV

Here is the honest truth. I have been plagued with extremely dry skin my entire life. As a woman who happens to also be a physician, I have been bombarded with free samples of every kind of lotion and cream and over the years have tried just about everything on the market. My typical response has always been that lotions and creams help for a short while, usually less than an hour, and then the alligator skin reappears. Until now, that is... This product has truly changed my skin. It drinks it up and literally heals it, giving it an entirely new texture of softness and suppleness it has never before had — I am finally moisturized!!! And NOT for 10 minutes — it lasts all day, and even by the next morning, my skin has not gone back to what it once was. Not to mention that the oil smells absolutely amazing, like wild flowers in a garden in the French countryside. In the medical field we have long known of the health and healing properties of olive oil (look at the Italians, they are so much healthier, thinner and fitter with less heart disease than us butter-eating Americans!) — it was only a matter of time before its usefulness was translated to the skin. Skin is, after all, the biggest and most visible organ in our bodies — why not treat it with a little care and respect?
—Amy Bloomgarden, MD

The days of looking young actually begins with pulling it off. As I got older, I soon came to see that my skin was calling out to me . . ."Hey! We need some more attention here!" I spent the next couple years finding various fixes to feed the reptile factor that was emerging. The problem with most of the products out there is they're just so limited and very temporary. They last a couple hours at best and then the lizard beast makes his presence. As I was introduced to O.N.E. Skincare I thought it might be OK with the Olive Oil and all. Within a few days and as I continued to use it on my face and then throughout my hair and body I realized this is really amazing stuff. The smooth warming of this product actually healed my inner cold blooded foe and everything else. And with most all shampoos that rob your hair from natural oils, just a little of this stuff puts the good things right back and makes it right. I use it everywhere now and I also must give you a warning . . . the lavender/geranium smell and oil glide alone can induce a euphoric sensation that can trigger spontaneous emotions in the most sensual way. Beware!
—Glenn Bucalo, NY