Olive Oil

The Ancient Secret for Timeless Skin

Olive oil will penetrate deep into the skin to provide a shield of moisture. Olive oil is a natural skin hydrator. Olive oil will also trap any water sitting on top of the skin after a shower creating a barrier between the skin and outside elements. Olive Oil is easily and effectively absorbed into the skin. It is also absorbed into the hair shaft.

Not all types of olive oil can be used as a moisturizer - some are best left for salads. Extra virgin olive oil has long been regarded as an excellent moisturizer for the skin due to its easy absorption. O.N.E. can be used as a moisturizer penetrating deeply into the skin without any harmful side effects. The use of O.N.E. olive oil is all you need from your head to your toes. No more expensive eye creams, day creams or night creams.